The greatest pet peeves in gaming

Escort missions

"Ahoy, brave traveler! Would you be so kind as to accompany me on an obnoxiously long journey to the other side of the map? Do so, and I'll reward your kindness with 3,000 experience points and 150 gold coins! There's just one catch: Once we begin, I'll shut my brain off and walk into walls while goblins stab my kidneys until I slowly bleed out. You won't be able to save me because, in effort to confuse said goblins, I will run into their base for no apparent reason while you give chase. Then I will die, and you will fail your mission, at which point you'll be forced to start over ad infinitum. Deal?"

Good god. Does anyone enjoy these things?

Spawn campers

Few things in life are less enjoyable than respawning in a multiplayer game only to get slaughtered the second you come back to life. There's a special place in hell for spawn campers, the folks who somehow derive joy from pitching a tent right outside a spawn point, guns drawn, waiting for some poor sap to come back to life. And as your lifeless virtual corpse falls down for the tenth time, adding to the ever-expanding pile of bodies at your feet, you disconnect from the server out of sheer anger. It's alright, we've all been there.

The peeviest pets

What kind of gaming-related things get on your nerves? Are your greatest pet peeves covered in this list, or are there some we missed that annoy you to no end? Let us know in the comments below!

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