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Game music of the dead: Super Meat Boy

Game: Super Meat Boy

Song: C.H.A.D.'s Broken Wind (Dark World)

Composer: Danny Baranowsky (db soundworks)

Above: Chapter 2 Dark World from Super Meat Boy

All week we've been digging up spooky and creepy game music . That's great for getting into the Halloween spirit, but given that it's Friday and the weekend parties are about to fire up, maybe it's time to sample some upbeat, dance-ystuff that also happens to retain a zombie-thriller vibe. And what's this? A song from Super Meat Boy that fits that exact description!

If you haven't tried SMB yet, get on it.We gave it a 9and utterly adore its hard-as-balls (but still remarkably fair) gameplay, and the avalanche of old-school game references just puts it over the top. But if great design andretro shout outs still aren't enough, the entire soundtrack is one of the year's best, and this track - taken from a gloomy hospital area, of course - manages to instill a bit of fear while we tap our foot and bob our head to the beat. Great for pre-party Halloween drinks!

Above: There's also an 8-bit version, found in Chapter 2's Warp Zone area

Like what you hear? Then get your torrenting ass over to theofficial soundtrack pageand NAME YOUR PRICE for the album. Well, as long as it's $4 or up, but you get the idea. Support brilliant indie efforts like this and we guarantee you better games in the future.*

*We don't actually make games, so we can't be held accountable for that statement. But surely Team Meat will put the SMB game/soundtrack money to good use!

October 29, 2010

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