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Game music of the day: Fallout 2

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July 2, 2010

Game: Fallout 2
Song: My Chrysalis Highwayman
Composer: Mark Morgan

Above: The Fallout 2 world map, with car

If ambient music is meant to transport the listener, then the Fallout 1&2 OSTsare a triumph. This trackis oneofthe more melodic in Fallout 2, and perhaps isn't the most representative of the soundtrack as a whole, but for me, it's got immense powers of teleportation.

Your ears are especially lucky, because composer Mark Morgan recently remastered and released the entire OST. The songs are no longer available on Aural Network, where they were first released, but you can still find them elsewhere.

I couldn't choose just one song to feature, of course. Here's "Beyond the Canyon" to give you a better sample of the game's unnerving soundscapes:

Above: You sitting at your desk? NAH MAN THIS IS THE APOCALYPSE!

And just for fun, here's another great track,"Khans of the New California," which is originally from Fallout 1,in context:

Level 1 by Nobuyuki Hara

Underlow by Jerry Schroeder

Did You See the Ocean? by Hiroki Kikuta

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