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Forum nonsense: Big Bieber!

Earlier this week weposted a couple of stupid Photoshopsthat we'de-mailed around the office. They depicted Canadian teen pop idol Justin Bieberas videogame nonsense ("Do a Bieber roll!"). Some of you responded by praising his music. We implore you,watch this video of him TOTALLY PLAYING POORLY-DE-LOGO'D XBOX AT USHER'S HAUSE! LOL TEXTING!

The thing about coming off as a self-obsessed prick is that you come off as a self-obsessed prick.Others of you, however,pitched inwith more Photoshop and MS Paint punnery. Tothose users- thank you:

Above: vanderhiggins made Executive Editor Brett Elston laugh audibly, and then e-mail this to everyone

Above: Bieber-onic Commando from moonwalk_mafia

Above: Aeshir delivered

Above: Felixthecat won our adoration!

Above: Another from moonwalk_mafia, with slightly more exposition required: "Justin Libel-Ace Attorney! Preventing people from getting libeled"

Above: If you don't get this, don't bother trying. It isn't worth it. (4chan get off my GR!) (Thanks, anthonyjh63)

What does any of this have to do with videogames? What does your face have to do with not being ugly? Sorry, this is the last day of the Week of Hate, so it was my last chance to be unnecessarily mean. See you Monday!

Mar 26, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer