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First LoTRO expansion revealed

Turbine has revealed the first expansion to its decent Tolkien MMO Lord of the Rings Online, which is scheduled in the shops before the end of the year.

As True Believers probably already know, The Mines of Moria takes high level LoTRO players underground to battle goblins and other nasties in the old living space of the Dwarves (Gimli's cousin lived here).

The expansion raises the original's level cap from 50 to 60, as well as adding two new character classes the Warden and the Runekeeper - Turbine isn't saying anything more about these yet though.

There's also a new legendary item system turning up, as well as improved enemy AI and a spruced up lighting system. And yes, The Balrog and The Watcher also turn up for a boss fight.

Read more about it over on the freshly-launchedofficial website.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 14, 2008