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Fallout 4 fan song makes going nuclear sound like good, clean fun

Gee golly, Fallout fans! You're in for a real treat today. YouTube channel Miracle of Sound has created his latest ode to video games with a Fallout 4 song, appropriately dubbed "Going Nuclear." It's quite the earworm, so let me just get out of the way and let you enjoy it:

Now that you're humming along, here's why this song is so special: The Fallout universe takes place in an alternate future where 1950s sci-fi technology became reality. It's why you see pompadour hairdos, poodle skirts, art deco designs and robots that look like something drug out from the set of Lost in Space in the games. But one thing the '50s were also known for was its music: jazz, swing, doo wop and rock were all mixing together to create a unique soundscape, one very difficult to replicate in a way that sounds authentic.

But Miracle of Sound does it, crafting a ditty that sounds not just catchy and pleasing to our contemporary tastes, but could easily sound right at home playing out of a busted radio in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Bravo, MoS. Now let's cop a breeze and goose it to Fat City, man!

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