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F3AR and other games which swap letters for numbers

Silent Hill: 0rigins

This sort of makes sense, but only when you really think about it. 0rigins explores the back story of the town of Silent Hill, which makes it a prequel. And how do you go make something younger than 1? Make it zero. Genius.

Still doesn't explain why Konami had to put it in the word 'origins'. Could have been called Silent Hill 0.

Street Sk8er

Of course. The old replacing 'ate' with 8. A favourite of the skateboard design oeuvre.

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa

There's a few more of these, where a ‘2’ is use to replace 'to'. But here - in the logo at least - the 2 is used TWICE, to denote a sequel and needlessly abbreviate 'to'. But trying to type it *exactly* like the logo (ie. using just ONE '2') is a pursuit that is both fruitless and confusing.


Here a ‘dollar sign’ is used to indicate the money, that is stolen in the heist. Good job this was cancelled because last time we tried to make the word Hei$t part of a GamesRadar URL, it caused the website to break.

Tony Hawk's Americ*n Wasteland

This is clearly an afterthought (and not a number again) as it isn't referenced anywhere except the box art logo, leading us to believe it was conceived by a rogue designer. So. Spell American. A.m.e.r.i.c.a.n. Easy. Then why is the second 'a' a star? Why? WHY? It adds nothing.

More misuse of numbers over the page...

I hate the 267.