Everything weird in the World of Nintendo


This amazing piece of special effects sees New York attacked by 8-bit game characters who turn the whole world into giant pixels. A must-see for Nintendo fans, and it’s potentially being made into a feature film. Wonder if they can get the rights to Donkey Kong and Space Invaders for that… click the pic to watch.

7)VR Zapper

Coupling a Wii Zapper with a portable projector and an open-source first-person game on PC, this homebrew project is a unique take on virtual reality. You turn, the character in the game turns, and the whole screen turns with you.

8)Tetris Tetris everywhere

Check out this fantastic gallery of urban Tetris photos. It seems the more you look, the more you see Tetriminos in broken windows and brickwork everywhere.

9)Nintendo rings

Tiny bits of Mario and Zelda artwork printed onto plastic rings that look like they flex slightly to accommodate all fatnesses of finger.

10)Ninja diorama

Fire up your colour printer, break out the scissors and construct an authentic scene from Ninja Gaiden on NES. Reminds us of Super Paper Mario. Wouldn’t it be cool if somebody made an updated version of the game looking like this?

Jun 30, 2010