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Enlisted brings tactical WW2 action to PS5, Xbox Series X and S in its open beta

Enlisted is here to shake up the shooter genre, giving you control of your own squad to lead into battle during WW2, and you can try it right now on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. As you head into battle with several AI squadmates, you’ll have complete control of them, issuing orders and taking control should your soldier fall in battle. 

While the game is in beta, you’re able to order your squad to attack and defend, change their formation, and request medical supplies and ammo. There’s a focus on realism throughout the game, from the uniforms and equipment your squad wears and wields to how much damage they’ll be able to take. Basically, don’t expect to be taking too many shots on the frontlines. 

Your soldier going down doesn’t mean your mission has failed. Each soldier will have their own loadout, so if the one you’re playing falls, you’ll be able to hop into the boots of another to continue the battle. Switching from one squadmate to the next upon death means you’ll always have an opportunity to keep pushing, even when things seem at their most dire. It’s a unique system for shooters and gives Enlisted a distinctive feel. 

Included in the beta are two game modes. Domination sees two teams trying to take control points, while Assault pits one team with storming a set of control points that another has to defend. You can also choose whether to matchmake with players using AI squads or with lone fighters (who can still form squads with friends and other players).

Strategy is key to winning battles, and because of this, you’ll have several squads to choose from before heading into battle. These include assault, recon, and machine-gunners squads, along with tank and plane squads. Vehicles are crucial to fights, with these rumbling behemoths able to turn to the tide of any fight, but that power doesn’t come cheaply. You’ll need your squad to help you operate tanks - from having someone on the machine gun to a soldier capable of driving - and realistic restricted vision means you might get caught out by other sneaky squads. 

The commitment to historic realism means that Enlisted immerses you in several of the key fights of WW2, with 20 maps across four campaigns that include Berlin, Russia, and Normandy, with North Africa joining them in a future update. With persistent progression for your squad, you can expect to be hooked on this distinctive WW2 shooter for the long haul. 

You can download Enlisted from the official site and enter the beta right away on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. We’ll see your squad in the thick of the action.