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E3 2011: PS Vita prices for games and hardware around the world... in a freakin' chart

PS Vita was given a definite price point during Sony's E3 presentation, although it didn't cover UK gamers or how much games will set you back. However, retailers clearly have more information that Kaz wanted to tell us, with US retailers even listing a tentative launch line-up of games along with some decently wallet-friendly prices. So we've made a table for you by region so you can see how much you'll (provisionally) be spending come launch day.

The UK and EU prices for games are bound to slip out soon too. But it's good to see that the games fall in line with PSP game prices.Sony reportedly had the price of the machine in mind from day one of development, so it looks like this is as concrete as you're likely to find for a console's launch. If you feel like pre-ordering, most other major retailers are all taking them already, so go ahead and get excited.

09 Jun, 2011

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