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E-mail funhouse: Do a Bieber roll!

Who the hell is Justin Bieber? Until recently, we cared less about Bieber than we did Tara Reid's career plans, but the kid has been a "trending topic" on Twitter for the last fifty years, so we had to find out. An office-wide investigation revealed thathe's a doe-eyed 16-year-old Canadian pop star and protégée of Usher whosings auditory barf at pre-teen girls (who all have giant girl boners for him).

More importantly, when we got into the office this morning our inboxes contained an e-mail from Associate Editor Michael Grimm titled "Justin Bibarel."

To which I responded with:

And now you do it. Here isJustin Bieber. Get intothis forum threadand make us laugh. If there's enough awesome we'll update this article with reader entries. (The first person to Photoshop "The Angry Biebers" wins our adoration.)

Mar 24, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer