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Dungeon Fighter Online EXCLUSIVE character art

In the dense market of free MMOs coming to the US from Korea, we wouldn’t blame someone for feeling a little lost. But of this year’s upcoming MMOs, Dungeon Fighter Online, which overlooks the prominent RPG genre,is one of the most interesting.It has a sexy anime look and plays like a beat ‘em up of old, only you walk through dungeons instead of the seedy streets of New York.

Recently we got our hands on some exclusive art and the official character descriptions of the five classes, along with brief glimpses of the comic art for it. So enjoy this little rundown as you wait patiently for the beta.


The Slayer derives his power from the demon Kazan, who dwells within his arm, locking this warrior in a perpetual struggle to keep from being possessed completely. Only the thick, mystical chains shackled to him keep the dark parasite at bay. As a consequence, a Slayer can only wield a weapon in one hand, a disability he has fashioned into a distinct advantage, doing with one arm what most other swordsmen would need two to do. He primarily attacks his enemies with swords and blunt weapons, but can also, when in a dungeon high in demonic energy, call upon the dark power within him to cast magic spells. This dark power also gives the Slayer a particularly high resistance to Shadow energy, but unusually low resistance to Light energy.


What she lacks in magical might she more than makes up for in physical strength and agility. A Fighter likes to charge right into close-range combat, fists flailing, fury fired up. She usually sports gauntlets, knuckles, claws or even boxing gloves. And as she gains experience knocking out monsters, the more expansive her repertoire of fighting moves becomes: the Suplex, the Back Breaker, even the swift Low Kick, which allows her to deliver quick, powerful jabs to her enemies' legs, disrupting their movement.


Tall, lithe and sneaky, the Gunner is a mysterious being from another plane where they have mastered technology to compensate for their world’s absence of magic. Generally weak physically, he attacks at a distance with a brutal arsenal of weapons. The Gunner has even been able to channel the magic of Arad to enchant bullets with elemental powers, which unleash gruesome damage on creatures vulnerable to particular elements.


The Mage comes to Arad from the dying magical world of Pandemonium, hoping to find a way to revive her land. However, she finds that in order to do that, she must first save Arad itself. With the appearance of a petite, young girl, the Mage is the smallest class in terms of physical stature. But she wields considerable magical power, casting spells that attack, confound and destroy the enemy.


A Priest is a powerful warrior who has dedicated his life to holy pursuits, namely the eradication of evil. He is driven by a single mission: to prevent the resurrection of the demon Ozma and his devilish minions. To aid him in this pious pursuit, the Priest carries large, terrifying weapons, such as giant wooden crosses or daunting totem poles, with which he bashes open the skulls of all creatures that dare cross him. Blessed by holy power, a Priest also has limited magical ability, used for healing or enhancing himself for battle.

Jul 22, 2009