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That free version of Driveclub Sony promised us is actually happening

It's been long time coming but the PS Plus version of Driveclub is apparently almost ready to screech off the starting line. When asked yesterday on Twitter about the progress of the long awaited game Paul Rustchynsky, game director at Evolution Studios, replied with the below.

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Driveclub was originally released back in October and has had a bumpy ride not just with the lack of the PS Plus version but with launch issues blighting the release overall. The fact that Evolution is still working on the titles is definitely promising news.

Evolution has also been teasing a partnership with Velocity 2X developers Futurlab to create a Velocity Tour Pack. While I'd like to say this will include Lt Kai Tana's teleporting ship, this might make things significantly more difficult for other players so some vinyl art for vehicles sounds slightly more likely.

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