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Doom Eternal Update 2 is live with new Battlemode map, event, and more empowered demons

Update 2 is available now in Doom Eternal, and there's a new Battlemode map, a mini-event, and a laundry list of QoL improvements and bug fixes across all platforms.

The kicker here is the new Battlemode map, appropriately-named Torment. "The UAC fled this outpost after the Slayer prevented Hell’s invasion of Earth. The Titans, once used as research specimens, remain eternal prisoners of this unholy excavation," reads Bethesda's official description.

Then there's a new mini-event, called Castle Grayscale, that's running now through Thursday, July 2. Ahead of the upcoming Hack to the Future 2 event, the new mini-event adds the Black & White Mancubus and Pain Elemental skins, the Vintage nameplate, and three new icons, including one of the Gibbo Collectibles mascot.

Just like past Doom Eternal main events (but shorter), the mini-event is live in campaign levels and Battlemode, where you'll complete challenges for XP and unlock event goodies for your collection.

Finally, the new Doom Eternal patch notes include more empowered demons in campaign mode, latency improvements in Battlemode, updates to the Boosters menu and photo mode, and a ton of bug fixes for each different platform.

You might've heard Doom Eternal can occasionally be quite difficult, so do heed our essential Doom Eternal tips before diving in.

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