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Will Doom's reverse cover feature a skull or a horde of demons? You decide.

If you're not a fan of the Doom cover art featuring Bolt Vanderhuge in fairly generic green spaceguy armor, fret not. Bethesda is going to have the game's cover be reversible, with something a bit more unique on the underside. Whether that ends up being a minimalist design of mostly black with a demon skull or a more action-packed scene of Hell's minions racing toward our hero is up to you, as Bethesda is currently holding a Twitter poll to see which design fans prefer.

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Personally, I like design B. I feel like it captures the freneticism the game is going for, plus it's a nice homage to the original Doom cover art with good ol' Doomguy blasting away at a mountain of monsters. Whatever the reverse art ends up looking like, Doom will have you blasting imps and disemboweling Revenants on Xbox One, PS4, and PC come May 13.

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Sam Prell
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