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ClassicRadar: Let's just put bikes in everything

Welcome to ClassicRadar, a weekly series of GamesRadar’s greatest hits. Today we take a look back at 'Bikes in Gears of War 2?' - the result of a crazy couple of months in 2008 when everyone seemed to be announcing motorbikes as add-ons or additions to their games. PGR4 (sniff) had bikes, Burnout Paradise too... even Mario Kart Wii had two-wheeled vehicles in it. Sowe photoshopped together some more games with bikes in, and hilarity ensued.

After yesterday's announcement that Burnout Paradise would be getting motorbikes as a downloadable extra, we realised it's becoming quite a common occurance. GTA, Mario Kart and Project Gotham Racing have all had bikes introduced as a feature in later games. So what about other games? Will we be seeing bikes in every big-name franchise from now on? After some swift Photoshopping, we'd have to say... yes. Check these out...

Gears of War 2

Marcus Fenix looks rock hard anyway - but stick him on a motorbike and the game is immediately even cooler. Just look at this shot and tell us it doesn't look like an amazing game.

And a close-up of that grimace...

A superior game right there. That's not all though...

The Legend of Zelda

Link looks so at home on his steel horse, it's like it's always been this way. Who needs Epona?


Adding bikes obviously makes any game automatically better. So here's LocoRoco with added varoom...

OK, it's a bit daft. But nowhere near as daft as the next one...

Shadow of the Colossus

How can Team Ico's second masterpiece possibly be made any better? By adding bikes, of course! We should be paid to think up this sort of thing...

Wander looks great on a bike, but what's he riding away from?

Yeah! That's what we're talking about!

Metroid Prime

Samus is already wearing a crash helmet (ish) so adding a bike to the game doesn't look that out of place.


Alternatively, how about a sequel for Rez? You could even call it 'Revs'. See what we did there?

Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword has pretty much sunk without trace, after all that hype finally subsided. We would love to see a sequel though, as it was almost great. Our advice? Add bikes!

Or how about...

Okami: Ride with the Pack

Amatarasu looks so cool on a bike. Maybe this is the only way people will actually buy the game? Nothing else works. "It's an amazing game". Nothing. "It's a bit like Zelda!" Nothing. "It's got bikes in it!" Cue mad dash for the game stores.

The Elder Scrolls V: Shadowrider

Look, you paid about £2.50 for horse armour. Can you really argue that this wouldn't sell?

And finally...

Street Fighter IV: Championship Bike Edition

Capcom loves to add a new subtitle to Street Fighter games. This is practically a given.

So there we have it. Adding bikes makes every game better. Fact.

Originally posted 25 Apr, 2008


Go on then, have one more. I know Skittles already has little trucks to ride around on, but this is way better:

Above: Yes, I see you. Mmm, well done. Come on, it's time to go... oh look where you're going, for Pete's sake!

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