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Check out the first gameplay footage for Amnesia: Rebirth

We've got our first look at Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay and it's as scary as you'd expect. Check it out above, if you dare.

The five-minute long video is the first time we've seen gameplay for Amnesia: Rebirth and it shows off new monsters, a whole new sandy environment, and more puzzles to solve while you're shaking in your boots. Lovely. What little we do know about Amnesia: Rebirth may shed some light on the gameplay trailer: it's set in the same world as The Dark Descent, but you'll be playing as Tasi Trianon, whose plane crashes in the Algerian desert, and you will likely die as her multiple times. 

From the gameplay, it's clear that Frictional Games is throwing some more intricate puzzles and gameplay mechanics at us - which is just lovely for the players who get easily flustered by the scary monsters shuffling towards you (looking at myself here). Amnesia: Rebirth is already scaring the shit out of me, TBH. As we previously reported, Frictional Games creative director Thomas Grip said in a PlayStation Blog post that Rebirth is building on what the studio learned while making The Dark Descent, and will "up the ante on everything you've seen." Lovely. Just lovely. 

Amnesia: Rebirth releases on October 20 on PC and PS4. You can pre-order it on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and the PlayStation Store. 

Steel yourselves, it's about to get real spooky up in here.

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