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Camelot, developer of Golden Sun, sets eyes on 3DS

Theproducer of the latest Golden Sun DS game says he's interested in the 3DS, butjust like nearlyeveryone else in the industry, he's keeping any potential projects for the new Nintendo handheld shrouded in mystery.

Apparently Hiroyuki Takahashi doesn't have the authority to let anyone know if Camelot, the developer he works for, has green-lighted a 3DS title. But he can say that the system is "exciting" to him.

In a recentinterview with IGN, he said, "I'm really excited to challenge myself and create something for it," butonly after saying,"I'm afraid I can't go into detail at this time."

In addition to his best-knownwork in the Golden Sun franchise, Takahashi has also worked on Hot Shots Golf, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis. We wonder if he'd be more interested in a 3D RPG or a casual 3D sports game.

It's a Nintendo system, so you know a Mariosports titlehas to come around at some point. If Camelotis going torelease a 3DS game, I'd put my money on that side of the roulette table before looking to Golden Sun. Either one would be cool, though.


Dec 3, 2010