Call of Duty 3

Tuesday 11 July 2006
It's the first-person shooter that has constantly set the standards in the World War II action market so it was with much excitement that we got to see the latest on Call of Duty 3.

With new additions to the Call of Duty series, Activision's main aim has been to create the most intense and authentic WWII experience possible, which is why the transition to the next generation of consoles is hugely important. The extra processing power means more of everything - more enemy troops, more bullets in the air, more smoke, more explosions - which all makes for one of the most visually arresting games we've seen this year.

As with all Call of Duty games, the conflict will be presented from four different perspectives. But rather than coming from separate campaigns Call of Duty 3 is set during the Normandy Breakout, where Allied forces attempted to capitalise on the success of D-Day by sweeping through northern France to liberate Paris. It was a particularly brutal conflict with over 200,000 Allied troops losing their lives within a two month period.

The four soldiers featured in this outing are a US foot soldier, a member of the Canadian mechanised infantry, a Polish tank commander and a British SAS officer. The story unfolds in a seamless narrative, with each level loading during scripted events that occur during the game. The switch of characters then occurs as the various Allies cross each other's paths.