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Black Lives Matter

(Image credit: Future)

We'd like to start this by stating an undeniable fact: Black lives matter. Like many of you, we've watched the protests unfolding in America with a sense of horror and dread. We also mourn for all the lives lost due to police brutality and all the team here want to offer their support in combating racism across the world. 

So, in solidarity of our black colleagues across Future Publishing, as well as the black creators of the games and entertainment we love, you won't see any new stories on GamesRadar+ today. Tomorrow, we will publish a piece which will focus on how you can help support people of colour in your community and further afield. We hope that by doing this, we can all take this opportunity to help our black friends, colleagues, and communities in this unsettling time. 

This is to do our bit to support #BlackOutTuesday, to help highlight the struggles black and people of colour face daily, and to amplify their voices so we can tackle racism. You'll see plenty of other sites across the industry not posting today, on their websites as well as social media, to help bring black voices to the fore. If you'd like to donate money to various causes that are working right now in this fight, here are just some of the many worthy places to give money to: 

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

The Reach Out Project

Stephen Lawrence Trust


However, we know that one day won't make a difference, so we want to make sure that moving forward, we continue to amplify these voices and help to make our site and, gaming as a whole, a more inclusive space for black communities. We urge black writers and content creators to get in touch with the team, now and in the future, so we can be a part of the change we all want to see.  

We stand with everyone affected.