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Black Friday iPad: what deals to expect on Apple's tablet in 2019

Black Friday iPad
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Black Friday Apple iPad deals are rare and beautiful, especially on the latest models. Think of them as the unicorns Black Friday deals herd. Apple has been known to hold an event of its over the holiday weekend, though it doesn't officially call it a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, but often the deals aren't as strong as they are from other stores. Retailers like Walmart, and Best Buy, alongside Amazon outside of lightning deals, could have a good selection of Apple iPad deals, as well as a bounty of deals on iPad-friendly accessories. We'll be here to guide you all fear, so fear not, my fruity friends. 

But until the Black Friday Apple iPad deals kick off good and proper, here's what's likely to happen when it all starts...

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When will the Black Friday iPad offers start?

Black Friday iPad offers (as well as all other Black Friday game deals), seem to start earlier and earlier with each passing year, as retailers fight for your dollars and pounds. While this year's Black Friday officially falls on November 29, discounts will probably start as far as two weeks before that, before you've even ordered your turkey. That means that  to get a smart deal you should start keeping track of these deals around mid-November, around the same time you start arguing with your parents about whether or not you'll pick grandma up from the airport on your visit. This is prime discount season, and paying attention to deals well before November 29 means you'll be ahead of the deals game while everyone else keeps snoozing. 

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What is a good Black Friday iPad price?

That very much depends on the iPad model you want to grab. Apple updates its tablets so often that, if you can live with a 2018 model over a 2019, you can score even bigger discounts. If you just want something for Facetiming bae and checking out Apple Arcade, then Apple's 2018 9.7-inch iPad will work just as well as a 2019 model, but will be more likely to see a big discount. 

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Outside Black Friday - what's available now?

If you can't wait until Black Friday to grab an iPad, you can see the best deals on all the flavors of iPad below. These change constantly, so we won't think you're creepy if you bookmark this page and come back and visit us every few days to see what's changed. 

iPad deals

If you've been looking to upgrade, the latest model has the newest features and a bigger screen than previous iterations. It's only a minor upgrade over last year's - so bear that in mind when comparing prices - but Apple Arcade and the upcoming Apple TV make it easy to justify a new tablet. 

iPad Mini deals

The iPad Mini is the perfect solution for anyone who likes reading or gaming on their tablets but doesn't want to be carrying a huge slab of glass in their bag. The 2015 iPad Mini 4 finally received a brand new update in 2019, simply called the iPad Mini, getting a brand new A12 Bionic Chip and a new retina screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution.

iPad Pro deals

If you're using your iPad in any sort of professional setting, all just like to have more power under the hood, the iPad Pro offers the most horsepower for your hands. A new new A12X bionic chipset makes it - according to Apple - faster than 92% of other portable PCs. It's not the cheapest option, but it is a damn impressive one.

Looking for more gaming deals this Black Friday? Check out our list of comprehensive guides and ready your credit card. 

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