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Every month the world of the best iPhone games get better and better, but also more difficult to parse which are really the best ones to download right now. But, that's where we come in. We're making sure we've gone through them all to find the most delightful, the most varied and the ones a little bit more likely to make your screen a smudgy mess. Whether you're looking for an adventure, a puzzler, or something that once appeared on consoles, there's probably something in our list of best iPhone games for you. 

It's a platform that will have you playing number matching things like Threes one minute, and Fortnite or GTA the next. What you play is up to you but it means if you pick the best iPhone games you have a console in your pocket at all times, and plenty to play. So take a look at what's on offer here because chances are your new favourite game is a tap away.

Each month we review a brand new title in the hopes that it will be added to our best iPhone games list. Sometimes they'll make the cut, other times they won't, but all the games we review will definitely be worth checking out, we can promise you that. For the full list of all 30 best iPhone games, turn to the next page...

April iPhone game of the month: BunnyBuns

Mixing some dough, a shape creature and a strange ingredient altogether to make some beautiful and magical fantasy pastries for exotic creatures in a game is always something I can get behind - particularly if the animal running the shop is a chubby bunny! Mythical ingredients, unlike anything on Earth, almost mirror the creatures making the orders, meaning at BunnyBuns’ bakery, there are many curiosities to discover. From pastry recipes to the lives of the people in this village, you’ll see a lot of adorable things. 

BunnyBuns is a very cute, quite fun little game where you play as a rabbit who works in a bakery. This bakery makes each pastry to order, from a window looking out to the town. The creation of these luxurious baked goods is simple - select a shape face and an ingredient. Then tap the dough as your bunny combines them. Once the treat is done, it’s placed in one of the three counter slots. If it’s exactly what your customer ordered, you can pass the pastry to them. 

At first, you’ll not really know how to make most of these treats. You start off with three shapes and three ingredients. Combining a shape with an ingredient will create some stunning treats, but as you gain more money, you can unlock more and more ingredients and shapes through purchasing new recipe books. You’ll have to figure out which make various ordered deserts. Some customers just request a shape or a color, while others want a specific finished product. You can check out your cooking book to get a peek into the color schemes and items you have previous made for each set of six items, which is helpful when you are just learning or have a lot of cook books to go through.

If you do make the wrong thing, fear not, as your window can hold three treats at a time. If it does get too full, you can always feed the extra to your bunny, who surely enjoys taste-testing some of their work. When you do present a treat to a customer, you’ll get a handful of coins and a few hearts depending on how exact the order is and how much you tapped while making the treat. These hearts go in an individual heart bubble, that each customer has. After a while, you’ll completely fill the heart and receive a trinket along with a bit of story. They each have three trinkets as well as a full puzzle that depicts a scene of them doing something they enjoy. These puzzle pieces are very rare but sometimes are dropped in with your coins. There also is a worm food critic who comes and orders a total of three treats at once. Instead of stars, you will be filling up a star with them, which works as a ranking in your bakery, bringing more customers to you once they are filled.

After a bit of mixing and serving, your bunny will start to become tired. They will then take a nap, their head landing on a pile of dough, before closing the store. Depending on how many times you’ve had your store open, your store will be closed for a set time. This timer, at most, has been up to an hour for me, but there is always another option besides waiting to re-open your store. Randomly it seems, you can either watch an advertisement or pay 150 coins to open the bakery. In your dreams, you can play a very simple game where you try to throw a ball up in the air, hitting circles or coins, and not letting it hit the ground. This is fun for short amounts of time and can grab you some extra cash.

Besides opening up your bakery, you can also spend the cash on cosmetics like new clothing, hats, and a mat for your shop. You can purchase them by selecting a button, which randomly unlocks one of the type. 

While wearing a mouse in between my ears, I handed a rainbow star-shaped treat to a black cat, who in turn gave me a hairball. BunnyBuns is a very cute and joyous little game that I personally enjoyed. The small stories around these customers, the trinkets they give you, and the puzzle pieces to use to look into their lives all add a lot of unique story to the world. These pastries are all lovely, like all of the graphics within the game - I truly wish to try them! My least favorite part of the game is of course, waiting for my bakery to open back up, but if you’re looking for a game to instal on your phone and dip back into from time to time, BunnyBuns is a great option, especially if you enjoy baked goods! 

Price: Free
Genre: Idle tapper / cooking sim

Download BunnyBuns here

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