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Badass game developer is badass

We adore game developers, but we rarely associate them with athletic prowess or unbridled badassery. Sorry Cliff "Don't Call Me Cliffy" Bleszinski and Jade "Please Leave Me Alone" Raymond, you may be cooler than Richard "Lord British" Garriott, but you'll neverbe as cool asUber Entertainmentanimator Aung Zaw Oo,who is knownon YouTube as AZO.

In a video posted about a month ago, AZO revealed his day job at Uber, a studio in Kirkland, WA whichis currently developing XBLAshooter Monday Night Combat, andillustrated how his stunting, skateboarding, parkouring, and martial arting apply to his work as a character animator. Check it out:

There's even more flippy-kicky awesomeness on hisYouTube channel.We just hope that hisreal-life skilltranslates wellto Monday Night Combat so we can pretend to be as cool as him. The game will be released later his year, and looksa lotlike Team Fortress 2, only with more lasers and dancing chicks. It could be a sleeper hit. Eat the trailer with your pupils and let us know what you think:

While AZO's skillitude is particularly inspiring, we're not trying to suggest that everyone else in the industry is an unkempt puddle of nerd. It's just a job like any other.To prove our point, take a look at this completely unironic article we posted sometime around forever ago:Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

Above: Just kidding, Lord British iscooler than Cliffy and Jade combined (that's them exploding behind him after foolishlylooking directly into his awesomeness)

Mar 8, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer