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Back to the Future: The Game Episode 1 review

It stalls a bit before hitting 88 miles per hour, but that doesn’t mean this DeLorean ride isn’t worth taking


  • Doc and Marty are voiced perfectly
  • Some great moments near the end
  • Hints keep you from getting stuck


  • Some obtuse puzzles
  • Drags in the middle
  • Are we going to have to stay in 1930s?

The first hour or so of the experience is great at pulling you in: walking around the charmingly-realized 1930s-era Hill Valley gives you the same initial sense of wonder that the films did; unfortunately, however, when the game gives you the most freedom to explore, it also slows the pace of the game significantly. You’re charged with delivering a subpoena to a gangster and getting some alcohol from a speakeasy to fuel young Doc Brown’s invention - these tasks are completed using the type of circuitous logic that adventure games are so often criticized for. You know, the use-the-dog-to-sniff-the-hat-to-uncover-the-key-to-unlock-the-door-to give-you-the-note-to-call-the-dentist-to-create-a-distraction kind of logic puzzle.

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