Avatar 2 gets a new screenwriter

James Cameron has recruited a new screenwriter to work on the script for Avatar 2 , with The Wrap reporting that Josh Friedman has signed on to the project.

Friedman was responsible for creating TV spin-off Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles , so Cameron clearly feels the two are on something of a wavelength.

Cameron himself has been working on the scripts for the two Avatar sequels for the last four years, and so looks to have recruited Friedman to bring a fresh approach to the material.

At present, Friedman is only thought to be working on Avatar 2 , although the two sequels are supposed to be filming back to back, so it would be a surprise if he didn't then move on to the third film.

According to Cameron, filming will begin early next year ahead of a 2015 release date for Avatar 2 . That would seem a touch ambitious, given the technological work involved, but this latest appointment does at least indicate that things are moving forward…