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Are these the most insanely long game credits ever?

You see Ubisoft’s current approach to credits seems to be to mention everyone who’s ever worked at the company along with everyone they’ve ever met. They’re so long - over 22 fricking minutes long! - I began to wonder if I just hadn’t noticed they were looping. They’re so long, when Matt completed the game, he managed to make some bread and return to the TV before they’d ended. And I'm just talking credits here, not the end sequence too.

So I thought I’d see what else you could do before they’d ended. So I decided to see how much of the actual game I could play in that time. Turns out it's quite a lot, and the ludicrous video evidence isright here.

Level three. Yeah, I got to level three before the credits ended. Without skipping any cutscenes along the way. Oh, and if you finish Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands any time soon, know that you’ll be in for similar treatment. I sat through both games' credits because their ice-age-lengthed running times eventually managed to convince my addled brain that there just had to be an Achievement at the end. There wasn’t, and I have now spent nearly an hour of my life watching Ubisoft credits and been late for the pub as a result.

Did you get through the Splinter Cell credits? Or the ones at the end of PoP? Are you now living in a small room on heavy medication? And has your mind ever been snapped by an even longer roll of attention-seeking devs? Let me know in the comments, or via our portals onFacebookandTwitter. Please, tell me I'm not the only one to know this anguish.

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