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A new Halo project is in the works according to a 343 Industries job listing

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A new Halo project is seemingly in the works according to a 343 Industries job listing. 

The job listing on the Microsoft careers page calls for a senior producer to "help develop a new project in the Halo Universe." As spotted on Twitter by Klobrille (via Windows Central), the listing was posted on June 3 and does seem to suggest that this new Halo project could already be underway.

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As one of the most anticipated games coming to Microsoft's upcoming next-gen console, Halo Infinite is set to be a big launch title for the Xbox Series X, which is currently still due to release Holiday 2020. At this moment in time, it's hard to say what this new project could be, or whether it's in some way tied to Halo Infinite. The fact that it lists it's "new" could point towards it being a completely separate game set in the Halo universe, with the potential for it to be a spin-off of some kind.

Halo Infinite is said to feature multiplayer modes, and while plenty of rumours have circulated in the past, we don't know too much about what these modes will offer. It's unlikely that the job listing is referring to Infinite's multiplayer, but it'll still be interesting to see how it shape up when the game launches. 

Set to also release on the Xbox One, Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox Game Pass when it releases this year, and will also be compatible with the next-gen console's Smart Delivery technology. This feature means that if you buy a copy of the game on Xbox Series X, you can also play it on Xbox One, and vice versa. Smart Delivery also adjusts the game to the console you're running it on so you can get the best experience. 

While we don't know for certain at this stage what this project is, it's exciting to see something is in the works nonetheless. 

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