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A new American Werewolf In London?

Just what is it with ‘80s werewolf movies at the moment? First Teen Wolf, now the legendary An American Werewolf In London is rumoured to get the remark treatment.

Bloody Disgusting has heard that John Landis – who isn’t exactly opposed to the idea of a remake – has sold the rights to Dimension Films.

Question is, do we need another Werewolf movie, in London or otherwise? While Teen Wolf could conceivably be updated in today's high school-obsessed era, we’re not sure anyone needs to try and top Landis’ seminal horror, nor Rick Baker’s amazing effects (below).

Sure, not every moment still holds up, but it remains a superb horror comedy and really doesn’t need a new version. After all, doesn’t anyone remember the truly awful sequel set in Paris? CG Werewolves? No thanks!

Oh, and the last time Dimension did American werewolves, we got Cursed. Again we say: no ta.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting ]

What do you think? Yay or nay?