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50 Greatest Movie Posters Of 2011

The Innkeepers

The Poster: Looks sort of like the cover of a really terrible pulp fiction novel, which only adds to its kooky charm.

Coolest Detail: The ornate branding of the film’s title.

Mothers Day

The Poster: Beautiful in its simplicity, as a bunch of inconspicuous roses bleed all over the poster.

Coolest Detail: It’s rated 18! And it really is, this being one of the most inventively violent movies we’ve seen in ages.


The Poster: A magical number as Hugo (Asa Butterfield) dangles from the hand of a giant clock. While snow falls prettily around him.

Coolest Detail: The tiny bit that says ‘A Martin Scorsese Film’, of course.

Source Code

The Poster: Run, Jake, run! Mr Gyllenhaal grips a gun as he chases across strange little memory tiles in pursuit of the truth and redemption.

Coolest Detail : Jake’s action man pose.

Meeks Cutoff

The Poster: An illustration of Michelle Williams holding a rifle, which is itself lifted from a scene in the movie.

Coolest Detail: Any time a woman in a traveller’s frock wields a rifle is cool in our books.

Super 8

The Poster: Gravity-defying oddity that sometimes looks like waves rolling onto a beach, sometimes like a waterfall.

Coolest Detail: Those two bigwig names. Spielberg and Abrams together at last.

The Hangover Part 2

The Poster: Gives us déjà vu all over again as Brad Cooper and co look absolutely wrecked after a night out on the town.

Coolest Detail: Ed Helms’ tattoo.


The Poster: Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton have a chest-off as pugilists in this Rocky -like fight flick..

Coolest Detail: Hardy. Naturally.


The Poster: Another folded-up old-school effort, as Rainn Wilson plays a wannabe superhero.

Coolest Detail: That amazing catchphrase. Shut up crime, indeed.

Fright Night

The Poster: Colin Farrell’s fanged nasty hangs in the background as Anton Yelchin gives us a look that means business. Meanwhile, the sun’s setting, which makes the colours all kinds of pretty…

Coolest Detail: Yelchin gripping an axe. Who knew he could be a bad boy?