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The 50 best sex comedies

Ever wondered why certain words were initially coined? What purpose they actually serve? Take the word 'raunchy', for example: a rascally bit of language that allows a prudish writer to indicate something sexy, or dirty, without ever having to lower the tone, or get their feet err wet. It's the kind of word your old nan might use, either that or 'bawdy', maybe even 'randy' (if she was feeling particularly boisterous).

With that being said, here's a big old list of outrageously raunchy comedies. It's probably not the best idea to read this one at work chaps, but look on the bright side: if anyone catches on to your nasty habits, it'll probably all end up in some kind of hilarious 'reveal' followed by a chaotic, office-wide orgy. So sayeth the sex comedy movie. Begin!

50. Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984)

The Comedy: So gloriously ridiculous it deserves its own section at the video store, Hollywood Hot Tubs follows a teen who is forced to work for his uncles hot tub company when he gets in trouble with the police.

The Sex: Two words: grandma orgy.

Which is Best? The comedy, because the weird sex is just too much to handle.

49. EuroTrip (2004)

The Comedy: When he gets dumped, Scott goes on a tour of Europe looking for the perfect woman. Yes, this is the one with the Matt Damon cameo.

The Sex: The terrifying Amsterdam S&M encounter is a particular highlight.

Which is Best? The comedy, all because of Matt Damon. Vinnie Jones, not so much.

48. Sex Drive (2008)

The Comedy: Eighteen-year-old graduate Ian (Josh Zuckerman) goes on a road trip with his best buds in order to meet a girl hes been sexting online.

The Sex: Theres a surprisingly dirty encounter with the Amish, which sure peaked our interest.

Which is Best? The sex. The rest of the plotline is super-predictable, even if it has its charms.

47. Revenge Of The Cheerleaders (1976)

The Comedy: Rival cheerleaders put away the pom-poms and get the claws out when they come face-to-cherub-face with one another. And yes, that is The Hoff up there... as 'Boner'.

The Sex: Not so much sex as clothes-ripping and bra-baring, but near enough - especially given all the throaty screams going on.

Which is Best? The unintentional humour, which comes courtesy of some truly atrocious acting.

46. Meet Monica Velour (2011)

The Comedy: Awkward teenager Tobe (Dustin Ingram) sets out to meet his favourite 80s porn star Monica Velour (Kim Cattrall) when he discovers shes putting on a show.

The Sex: Cattrall strips during a sad pole dance show, then strips Tobe during an off-camera shagathon.

Which is Best? The comedy, which is far funnier than the sex.

45. Preppies (1984)

The Comedy: Its a Playboy Channel Presentation. If that doesnt get you laughing, nothing will.

The Sex: Three geekazoids have their plans to pass an exam and inherit a fortune ruined by their bondage-loving bro, who hires party girls to distract them.

Which is Best? The sex. Because, frankly, the comedys often flat as a run-over turd.

44. Meatballs 3 (1986)

The Comedy: A dead porn star (Sally Hot Lips Kellerman) has to help a geek lose his V-plates before she can rest in peace. Genius.

The Sex: Shannon Tweed oozes it while wearing very little.

Which is Best? The comedy premise, which sounds like something John Hughes dreamed up.

43. Cave Girl (1985)

The Comedy: Rex gets catapulted back through to time and finds himself in an era of cave men and (hurray!) cave girls.

The Sex: She cant speak a word, but cave girl Eba knows all about carnal pleasure... as Rex soon finds out.

Which is Best? Theyre both as gloriously silly.

42. Private Resort (1985)

The Comedy: Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow hide from a jewel thief at a Miami resort, which, luckily for them, is heaving with bikini-clad lovelies.

The Sex: Pervy aerobics, poolside snogs, bikini-removal-by-fish-pole, compulsive stripping... this one has it all.

Which is Best? The sex is less dated than the goofy comedy.

41. Little Darlings (1980)

The Comedy: A girlie-haired Matt Dillon plays Randy... and lives up to that moniker as he falls for the tomboyish Angel (Kristy McNichol), who proves to be anything but.

The Sex: Topless scenes ahoy.

Which is Best? The latter, which makes up for some cringey romance and beautifully cheesy one-liners.

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