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5 Dreamcast games we want on Xbox Live tomorrow!

All it takes is a single leaked screenshot to pull a generation’s worth of fanboys out of the woodwork. In a shot leaked by French site,Esprit Pixel, we can see what looks to be a legitimized, upcomingrelease of Sega’s immortal Jet Set Radio coming in over the 360’s PartnerNet.

Looking back, this isn’t the first rumor of this sort.Similar shots of Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxihave turned up as well. But those are longstanding, successful franchises, so that’s to be expected. Jet Set Radio is different. More to the point: Where the f*** are all the Dreamcast games?! I mean, thanks for the fighting games and everything, but there’s plenty of other timeless potential to squeeze out of Sega’s last little platform that couldn’t. Look:

Jet Set Radio

Why it should be rereleased: Because it’s still a visual wonderment and there’s nothing else like it!

Jet Grind Radio (US title) is more exciting because its greatness is more than just a memory. Your love for Sonic Adventure belongs in 1999, yet Jet Set Radio defies nostalgia simply because it’s one of the most unique titles ever released on anything, with a style and sensibility that’s never truly be replicated. Who cel-shades anything anymore? And the same kitschy thrill we all get from sprites and pixels is right there in the rails and graffiti of Sega’s quirky depiction of a future that never came. Looks like hope is on the horizon, because Sega renewed the trademark last March.

Chu Chu Rocket!

Why it should be rereleased: Because it’s a simple puzzler that’s still fun and would cost dick to port over to XBLA.

The adorable Chu Chu Rocket! has been relegated to a footnote in gaming history because it was Dreamcast’s first semi-successful attempts at getting a console up and running online. However, since the rocketeer lab mice where basically SegaNet’s sacrificial guinea pigs, the game’s shitty dial-up connectivity and piss-poor matchmaking lobbies scared off the all but the most patient of gamer. Well, now that certainly sounds like a problem XLLA has overcome right? Plus, even after all these years, Sega seems to share our affection for the property.

Above: From Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Phantasy Star Online

Why it should be rereleased: Because online infrastructure has finally caught up to Sega’s ambition. And this screenshot:

That party pic is actually the recent March 31st funeral for the PC/PS2 Phantasy Star Universe servers. Couple with the PSP moving power of the Phantasy Star series in Japan, it’s clear to see that the franchise still harbors an intensely devoted following (even if we don’t know any of you personally.) Light MMOs are coming back! And given our anticipation for the 360 version of Monster Hunter, we see no reason why Sega couldn't bundle together the first three episodes and have people bite, as long as subscription costs were low to nonexistent.

Power Stone 2

Why it should be rereleased: Because over-the-top brawlers are "in" again, baby!

Currently, PSP owners are the only gamers of the current generation who’ve been allowed to behold the charm of Capcom’s discarded series. How’s that fair? Moreover, why is the Wii the only system that get’s to engage inforgiving, four-player fighters?! The arena brawler is missing out on its own resurgence just because nobody bought a Dreamcast? Wellthat needs to change. Okay... so, as much as this idea would normallysend us in to DEFCON 5 Complaint Mode, just pitch the game as Power Stone Party and watch the executive pupils turn to dollar signs.


Why it should be rereleased: Because it’s a fanboy’s wet dream. And unless you’re Japanese, you’ve never played it.

Above: Nei, Ristar, Clockwork Knight, Panzeer Dragoon,and some blue guy

Developed partially in secret, by the time Segagaga came out, Segawas probably too punch drunk to care about a game that basically starred its own failing company and soon-to-be-evicted stars! In this company management sim (seriously,) we find Sega in such a dire financial state, its only option is to hire a teenage boy of the streets and prop him up as the head of the company with a supporting cast of Sega heavyweights.

Above: Amigo, I choose you… TO DIE!

In case you could tell, outside of the all star appearances, that’d mean a ridiculous amount of localization for game with only the bare minimum of Western appeal. Still, a digital release on a system that isn’t about to capsize should be far less risky by comparison (you could probably find some fan to translate it for free,) and it’d be a shame to never provide Westerners with an opportunity to check out this amazingly bizarre swan song.

Apr 26, 2010

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