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16 ridiculous moments from the Tomodachi Life trailer

Seriously, anything can happen

...and stressed that almost anything can happen. If the above can happen, then I certainly believe that anything else can too.

Bills favorite activity

Perhaps Bill shouldnt talk, though--his hobbies are plenty bizarre as well. Check out how he rolls across his apartment floor for fun.

The answer is yes

Creating existing game characters and real-life friends in Tomodachi Life looks to be loads of fun. Look, its Skyward Swords romance come true!

Iwata takes a bath

It was also mentioned that Miis will react to in-game occurrences accordingly. Given the beat-down on his self esteem that Mr. Iwata just took, this bathtub love song doesnt seem all that crazy.

OK, now his body is ready

Reggie doesnt appear to have any remorse about his actions, either. Instead, he embarasses Bill in front of his beloved Samus by getting his body ready in dramatic fashion. Ready to wear a Speedo, that is.

Or perhaps just his head...

Luckily, it seems as if it was all a dream. A dream within a dream, even. Or was it?

Sha la la, island dreams!

In the end, the goal of Tomodachi Life is to live happily with friends, because real life is too small. If my Mii can pull off a dance number of this quality, Ill be more than pleased.

Did that help? At all?

Phew! Im not sure anybody knew how to react to the Tomodachi Life Direct when it finally concluded, but a few days have passed and I couldnt be more excited. Sure, its exceedingly strange, but thats part of its charm--well just have to wait to find out if North American gamers agree. What do you think? Worth a purchase? Pique your interest? Headed out to buy a bear suit? Let us know in the comments!

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