Attack on Pearl Harbor review

The date may live in infamy, but the game's pretty good

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Energetic missions

  • +

    Pretty weather effects

  • +

    No Ben Affleck


  • -

    Little variety in planes

  • -

    Little variety in missions

  • -

    Friendly AI ain't so hot

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Attack on Pearl Harbor isn’t about simulating a famous battle, but about effortlessly flying super-zippy airplanes and shooting other ones out of the sky. It’s pure arcade, with barely a dial to worry about.

You get about 40 missions, playing sometimes as the Japanese and sometimes as the US, with a variety of planes to choose from depending on the mission type. But if you’re sitting up excited to learn which types, settle back down. Yes, you can fly an A6M1 Zero or a BSN1 Kate, but the difference it’s going to make is how heavy your kite feels, and whether it drops bombs or fires missiles. They really may as well be Plane One and Two.

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DescriptionPlay as either the Empire of Japan or the United States of America in a game that re-enacts of one of history's greatest conflicts.
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