ArenaNet: If you hate traditional MMOs you should really check out Guild Wars 2

It's been a few months since ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien laid out the design manifesto for Guild Wars 2. It was hard not to get excited by O'Brien as he talked up ArenaNet's grand plans for the first proper Guild Wars sequel.%26ldquo;Guild Wars 2 is the perfect game for Guild Wars players, but it%26rsquo;s not just the same game repeated again. We took this opportunity to question everything,%26rdquo; said O%26rsquo;Brien before going into detailed descriptions about how Guild Wars 2 is going to be the best thing ever. Today, ArenaNet released a video companion piece with footage to showcase the ideas first laid out in the manifesto %26ndash; and it looks great.

As longtime MMO fans, O%26rsquo;Brien%26rsquo;s manifesto for Guild Wars 2%26rsquo;s design and the video below really speaks to the complaints we%26rsquo;ve had with so many other MMO titles (including the original Guild Wars), which makes us more optimistic than ever for the upcoming sequel. Whether you%26rsquo;re Guild Wars fan or not, we recommend checking out the entire manifesto on the official ArenaNet blogif you missed it. At the very least, you can check out the slightly prettier and shorter video version, which sums up the Guild Wars 2 development team%26rsquo;s goals for the sequel below.