Apex Legends developer Respawn is teasing a new character

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If a tweet from Respawn developer Tina Sanchez is anything to go by (and it almost definitely is,) we might have just found out who the next Apex Legends character will be. Sanchez took to Twitter recently to share behind-the-scenes images from a Respawn motion capture session, adding, "Working on Apex Legends stuff." The images show Sanchez posing with a cane in full motion capture gear.

The images alone are exciting enough, confirming that Respawn is continuing to add new content to Apex Legends, but it's a reply Sanchez sent to a fan that adds meat to the story. Asked if the tweet is in reference to Crypto, who players have long suspected will be the next character to join the Apex Legends roster, Sanchez coyly responded with a mouthless emoji.

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Speculation that Crypto would soon join the Apex Legends roster began in March when a dataminer leaked a roster of 10 new characters. Respawn soon responded to growing datamining efforts and leaks, choosing to neither confirm nor deny their veracity. However, the March leak was later substantiated when Season 1's Octane and Season 2's Wattson were revealed and appeared to be accurately portrayed in the leaked roster image.

While far from a complete confirmation, Sanchez's tweet is probably the most substantive evidence that Crypto will indeed be added to the roster of Apex Legends characters, as it's the first tidbit to come from a source within Respawn rather than a datamined leak.

With any luck, we'll get an official trailer revealing the new legend before Season 3 starts, at least according to the year one roadmap, in September. 

Also in September is the next Apex Legends pre-season invitational, which will take place in Poland with a prize pool of $500,000.

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