An Elden Ring tabletop RPG is coming soon… but only in Japan

A blue character wearing a wide-brimmed hat from the cover of the Elden Ring TRPG looks out across the night sky
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An official Elden Ring tabletop RPG is arriving in just a few days… but you'll only be able to play it if you can read Japanese.

As detailed by Famitsu, this pen-and-paper version of From Software's game will be hitting shelves on June 20. It recreates Elden Ring's classes and The Lands Between, but adds four new playable options that were made specifically for the Elden Ring tabletop RPG. This includes a gladiator-esque warrior, the 'Perfumer' who uses alchemical mixtures to support allies (though the name may be a mistranslation on Google's part), and a healer that can cure wounds with prayer.

However, there's no word on whether the game will be getting an English version. It's only available in Japanese at the moment, and because the Japanese Dark Souls TRPG from the same team never made its way west, there's no guarantee this one will either. In the past, UK-based Steamforged Games (which is currently developing Elden Ring: The Board Game) created its own version of pen-and-paper Dark Souls instead. This was based on the D&D ruleset.

Still, you can pre-order the Elden Ring TRPG from Amazon Japan if you're curious. Just be warned - you'll have to pay a hefty delivery fee. 

A couple of pages from the Elden Ring TRPG detailing the Vagabond and Warrior classes

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Originally revealed in 2022, this adaptation has been designed by the same person who was responsible for the Japanese-only Dark Souls TRPG, Hironori Kato. Like many of the best tabletop RPGs, it comes in multiple parts; a book for the core rules, another for player skills and sheets, and a third detailing the world's enemies and scenarios. 

If you know Japanese or have Google Translate at the ready, you can find out more via the game's website.

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