Amnesia: Rebirth now has a less-scary Adventure mode

Been meaning to play Amnesia: Rebirth but worried you're too much of a scaredy cat? Well there's a new, less-scary Adventure mode designed just for you (and me, if we're being honest here).

The new Amnesia: Rebirth Adventure mode is out now on PC and is coming to PS4 in a few weeks. Players can expect "a slightly brighter and lighthearted version of the game overall." Changes include monsters that don't attack you unless provoked, a fear meter that isn't affected by darkness, and a few new puzzles. 

"This mode allows players - that can't really stomach horror - to experience the game's unique themes, story and environments," Frictional Games says of the new Adventure mode.

Frictional released something similar for its 2018 sci-fi horror game Soma. GamesRadar's Alex Avard found Soma's 'Safe Mode' an essential feature for players who value storytelling over stress. 

"At the very least, the success of Soma's Safe Mode can serve as an example for how developers can customise their experiences to appeal to those who aren't so interested in the challenge, the scares, or the digital dangers of interactive entertainment," Alex wrote a couple years back. "A virtual world free from hazard is one built for the tourists, the detectives, the explorers, and the listeners, and once games can begin to more effectively recognise these kinds of players, they'll be all the better for it."

If you're like me and this new update has made you more interested in checking out Amnesia: Rebirth, you'll be glad to know the standalone game is currently 40% off on Steam, while the Frictional Collection; which includes Rebirth, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Soma, and Penumbra Collectors Pack; is 77% off.

A couple of games by Frictional are included in GamesRadar's list of the best horror games to play right now.

Jordan Gerblick

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