Amazing photo of a real hedgehog wearing Sonic's shoes will make you say 'awww'

The journey into work this morning was especially miserable. The weather a depressing funeral cocktail of grey and wet, and the train even more broken and slow and full of people than usual. Heavy sighs and despair all around. But then - what's this? - a ray of sunshine breaks through the window of my monitor and fills my heart with joy and happiness and beautiful feelings. Today, I thank the internet for cheering me up with this picture of an actual real hedgehog wearing Sonic the Hedgehog shoes:

Above: Awww

Although this hedgehog is casually sporting Sonic's trademark red and white footwear like it's just a normal day at the office, it's wearing them for the special purpose of highlighting the plight of Britain's hedgehogs. Numbers of the prickly mammals are dwindling and the People's Trust for Endangered Species fears that if the hedgehogs aren't helped, their entire existence could be under threat. TheDaily Mail has the whole story.

To help raise awareness of the potentially grim future facing Britain's hedgehogs, Sega created a dedicated road crossing for some snout-faced balls of cute. The photo opportunity stunt conveniently coincided with this week's release of Sonic Colours. But still, raging cynicism aside, if Sega hadn't put Sonic shoes on a hedgehog, I would never have known that our brave little hogs of the hedge are in such perilous danger.

Above: Sega's temporary hedgehog crossing in Twickenham, London.Mrs Tiggy Winklewas unavailable for comment

And, just to clarify, I did get in touch with Sega and they confirmed that the hedgehog-wearing-shoes picture is genuine and not a photoshop job. Apparently the animals used are publicity hedgehogs and are trained and tame and had a lovely time. Which is good to know.

Anyway, hedgehogs - Britain would be rubbish without them and they look good in shoes. Also, Sonic Colours is out tomorrow.

November 11, 2010

Matt Cundy
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