Alien Syndrome

Sega’s on a roll. Skipping the obvious Monkey Ball gag, it’s clear that with both Sonic and the spherical simians scoring decent ratings, Sega has found a suitable format for their solid brand of game making. And it looks set to continue in this RPG re-imagining of the 1987 game of the same name.

Players select one of five classes - Demo Expert, Firebug, SEAL, Sharpshooter or Tank - each with allotted skills and abilities. Demo experts fumble with a pistol in their hands while the big booms will upset a sharpshooter - not entirely rocket science, but it’s enough to alter the flow of in-game combat from class to class. Churning through xenomorphic hoards gains experience points - the staple diet of any hardened RPG character - allowing abilities outside your class to be activated.