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Alien Shooter: Vengeance review

A game so packed full of aliens that somebody has to shoot them


  • Shooting aliens
  • Vengefully shooting aliens
  • All the guns you can use to shoot aliens


  • The lack of story
  • The lack of evolution
  • Shooting aliens is somewhat repetitive

Alien Shooter: Vengeance is a game where you, you guessed it, blast extra-terrestrial beings into space goop. It's an entertaining, standard shoot 'em up game for the PC, with no plot to speak of other than... well... exacting vengeance upon the aliens by shooting them

Not a first person shooter, the graphics are reminiscent of the 1980's arcade-style play with a drop down, isometric camera. It lacks the finesse and compelling storyline of some of the more recent shooter releases, but offers the pure, unadulterated joy of shooting lots and lots and lots of aliens. We didn't even have to stop shooting long enough to buy bullets, because the aliens drop them.

More Info

DescriptionVengeance puts players in the middle of an extensive conflict with ultra-powerful weapons designed to spill the guts of more than 50 alien species.
US censor ratingMature
Release date5 February 2007 (US), 5 February 2007 (UK)