Alaska doesn't look too inviting in Undiscovered Country teaser

Giuseppe Camuncoli
(Image credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Image Comics))

The first year of the creator-owned series Undiscovered Country is complete, with a collection of issues 6 - #12 going on sale March 24 as Undiscovered Country Vol. 2: Unity. As the team exit the gleaming spires and gritty undercurrent of the A.I.-lead Unity Zone, they head north - and Image Comics has provided a tease of what's to come.

Here's a 'postcard' drawn by series artist Giuseppe Camuncoli from the US's northernmost state, Alaska.

(Image credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Image Comics))

(Image credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Image Comics))

"I think the Alaska situation came up right away since the very first moment I started drawing the first Undiscovered Country cover, and I was asking Charles [Soule] and Scott [Snyder] if I should draw Alaska or not on the map, since the USA was missing from it," Camuncoli tells Newsarama. 

"Of course there was a plan about it, storywise, and something has been addressed in the backmatter sections, but we wanted to start showing something about it," the artist continues. "So, in our postcard, we basically catch a glimpse of a creature wandering away in the icy landscapes, in a blizzard, and leaving behind a trail of blood. Not sure about what went on over there..."

The next arc of Undiscovered Country will explore the Upper Midwest area of the US, which has become a massive inland sea.

"This Zone is called Possibility, and just as Destiny was built around the frontier spirit, and Unity was built around technology, this new zone centers around the rich heritage of American creativity and culture," Soule explains. "The group sails around in a huge pirate ship, visiting islands based on different cultural traditions that originated in the US. It's a lot of fun."

(Image credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Image Comics))

Snyder adds to that, saying that the team's Americana culture expert D. Ace Kenyatta will take point in this exploration of 'Possibility'. The reader will recall Kenyatta's character was explored in Undiscovered Country #3.

"As we journey further into the third zone and a society that values culture above all else, Ace Kenyatta's expertise becomes a crucial asset for our characters in navigating - and surviving - Possibility," Snyder says. "In this new arc we're finally going to reveal a few more clues about the Juneau Event... and the reality of what happened is a lot more sinister than what you'd expect."

Undiscovered Country #13 goes on sale on June 23. A collection of the first six issues, Undiscovered Country Vol. 1: Destiny, is available now; issues #6 - 12 are collected in Undiscovered Country Vol. 2: Unity, which goes on sale March 24.

Undiscovered Country is available in print as well as digitally. For the best digital comics reading experience, consult our list of the best digital comics readers for Android and iOS devices.

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