A student tried to pass off Destiny lore as his English homework (and got caught)

We’ve all been desperate when it comes to homework. Forget to do it, can’t be bothered to do it, whatever, but instead of coming up with an excuse one pupil tried to pass off Destiny lore as his English homework, writing journal entries by lifting entire pieces from the Ishtar Collective. Wow. The Ishtar Collective is a glorious website filled to the brim with all of Destiny’s lore, and the gems who run it got the below tweet from a canny teacher who figured out her pupil’s ruse. 

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Hilariously the teacher asks the site to confirm that they are not a young boy named Lucas, but since the tweet the Ishtar Collective has changed its name on Twitter to… yep, you guessed it: Lucas. I’m guessing that the teacher googled a few choice phrases from the homework and used 21st-Century detective skills to deduce that they must have come from the Ishtar Collective. 

Honestly, running with the whole ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse was probably a better course of action than just straight-up plagiarising lore from one of the biggest games in the world. I like to think that the teacher is a secret Destiny addict herself and recognised the lore from many late-night gaming sessions. Either way, if you’re of a school-attending age and are reading this, remember that engaging in plagiarism makes you just as bad as the Cabal. Maybe worse. 

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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