A bizarre, creepy version of id boss Tim Willits haunts a bathroom in Rage 2

In a weird turn of events, id boss Tim Willits, the creative director of the original Rage, has been immortalized as a croc-wearing NPC in Rage 2. 

PCGamesN found an NPC named Wimothy Tiliits in Wellspring sitting on a toilet, eating a rat, and relieving himself. The character doesn't say anything, leaving you to admire his collection of rat corpses hanging around him. 

Willits is still the studio director at id software, the team co-handling Rage 2, making this appearance either a cheeky insult slipped in by a rogue developer or a self deprecating jab at himself. Both offer up a unique encounter in Rage 2's frustratingly bland open world. Take a look at the man yourself in the video below.

You can visit the odd NPC at Wellspring by turning right at the entrance of  town and heading down the alleyway until you find him. He's hard to miss. If you get close enough you can hear him laugh creepily as he strokes his rat. We're not sure what id had in mind here, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Rage 2 came out earlier this week to a mixture of positive and negative reception. Some critics and fans hail the open world as a recent best in the genre while others, like our own Ford James, call it a "linear game forced into an open world." Most agree that the shooting mechanics are well executed, even if the entire package isn't completely there. 

Looking for help conquering the barren wastelands of Rage 2? Look no further than our illustrious guide to help you find your way.

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