9 things you didn’t know about SoulCalibur IV

7. Random characters aren’t entirely random.

In SOULCALIBUR III, the randomly generated combatants often utilized weapons and fighting styles that none of the main characters possessed. Now,while their appearances still vary greatly, their skills and weapon are always cut-and-pasted from one of the existing characters. It’s probably better balanced this way, though.

8. Yoda is totally coming to PS3 and Darth Vader is totally coming to Xbox 360.

Another educated hypothesis (and it’s been rumored for ages) but you know what’s odd about the character selection screen? That empty panel between Darth Vader and Starkiller on the PS3 version, and right near Yoda and Starkiller on 360. It’s the only empty panel left. Why would Namco leave that blank, we wonder? Oh well. Maybe a downloadable character will show up at some point…

9. There’s nudity

We can’t believe we weren’t playing it on our office video capture rig when this happened, but during one match against a randomly-generated opponent, we saw an ass. Not the kind of smooth, exquisitely-curved female badonkadonk some of us are willing to pay good money to see on the intertubes. No, we’re talking about a big, meaty, hairy man ass.

It was sneaky - our opponent was wearing some sort of long, chain mail-like leggings and a long shirt. But when he did a spinning kick there was no mistaking it: they were actually chaps and our boy was going commando.

Eventually, we realized that TECHNICALLY, this isn't nudity - it's a leather diaper that's part of the chain mail costume. But we say, if it looks like nudity at full speed and grosses everybody out when you see a big, ogre-ish man wearing it, it's close enough.

Jul 30, 2008