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80% of gamers willing to wear 3D glasses. Can this be true?

So maybe you think it's all cool to make fun of wearing 3D glasses, but deep down you know you want to. At least, that's what a new survey suggests, saying gamers are the most apt crowd to experience 3D content even if it means becoming a geeky four-eyes.

The U-Decide Initiative performed the study. It's a collaborative project from the S-3D (Stereoscopic 3D) Gaming Alliance, which is comprised of companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Panasonic.

So, it's people with an agenda to make 3D gaming seem cool who commissioned this survey, so take that for what you will. But either way, you can't fake results, and these are what the results of the survey showed:

80% of those surveyed said they are willing to wear 3D glasses when it comes to playing video games, or watching Blu-ray movies. Of course, even more were interested in experiencing 3D content without glasses, which will be possible when Nintendo's 3DS comes out next year.

If you're the programming director at ESPN 3D or a cable provider, though, the survey showed less than favorable results for you. Only 36% would want to watch a sporting event in 3D with 3D glasses, and only 20% would have interest in watching any sort of other TV programming.

One thing about the survey, of course, is it posed a hypothetical question. Instead of asking people if they would actually shell out the money required for a 3D gaming experience, it just asked "would you be willing to try it?" In fact, only around 35% of those surveyed said they were even interested in buying a 3D TV. So, that 80% figure really needs to be taken into context.

Above: Sony is the only console maker actively pushing glasses-required 3D game technology

I do actually personally own a 3D TV and the 3D effects that come out of there are nothing short of astounding. Once I realized how much more immersive the experience could become, I really couldn't care less about the fact that I was wearing 3D glasses. And perhaps I'm not alone, as it's a typical "gamer" thing to always want to be on the cutting edge, right? You're not going to let some hangup about 3D glasses prevent you from experiencing the next generation in home entertainment, are you?

Regardless, 3D gaming is on its way. The only question is whether it will catch on or crash and burn.

[ Source:Industry Gamers]

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