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8 things you may have missed in the latest Fable III screenshot

Lionhead sent out a new Fable III image recently. Just the one. There's a good chance you've already seen it. However, you probably took one look and thought there wasn't much to discuss. Wrong.

After considerable extraneous ocular analysis, I've identified several points of interest in the picture that you may have missed. Observe the image below and then keep scrolling down for the 8 things you may have inadvertently unnoticed.

THING #1: The wooden bridge in the background is a roughly constructed beam bridge, characterized by the horizontal beams and two end supports. It probably functions as a rudimentary overpass serving moderate amounts of pedestrian traffic and possible horse-drawn freight.

THING #2: He's wearing a neckerchief. Is it a fashion statement or a bandit mask simply pulled down to facilitate mouth access for smoking?

THING #3: The huge stone block wall on the right looks like its part of a castle. If I was guessing - and I am guessing - I would say that the beam bridge across the collapsed archway used to be serviced by a drawbridge and leads into a gatehouse. The slightly soggy looking ditch running between the bank and the wall was once probably the moat.

THING #4: Typha latifolia, which is more commonly known as bulrush or cattail, can clearly be seen in the image. It's a plant that thrives in marshy areas and other wetland habitats, so its presence here is logical. As yet, I haven't been able to positively identify the trees or fungus.

THING #5: In the bottom-left corner of the image a brazier is clearly visible. Braziers are deliberately placed items. This fact suggests that this area is a camp or settlement and not just a random location in the woods.

THING #6: Lionhead has referred to this character as 'Captain'. However, his tabard's elaborate shoulder decorations suggest someone holding a more esteemed position within military hierarchy.

The diameter and length of the epaulette's bullion fringe (that's the dangly bits) indicates rank. The thick and long bullion fringe on the Captain's sleeveless jacket is actually more befitting of a Colonel or General or, if it's a naval epaulette, an Admiral. Of course, it's entirely possible that the Captain procured the jacket through means that did not involve military service of any kind.

THING #7: There is some ambiguity as to what the mark on the man's chest is, although it does appear to be a tattoo of a bird, most probably a phoenix. This mythological creature represents many things - the sun, immortality, grace, duty, kindness and reliability. Could the phoenix be a clue as to the Captain's character? Or could it just be a skin blemish?

THING #8: Some people think he looks like Call of Duty's hairy-faced Captain Price:

Or Halo's Sergeant Johnson:

Or Mass Effect's Zaeed Massani:

To be honest, beyond the cigar and milky eye, I can't see the similarity with any of them. But there you go.

If you can extract any further fascinating information from this image that may not be apparent to the cursory eye, I implore you to share the wisdom with all and sundry.

June 9, 2010

I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.