8 most talked about stories of the week (22-26 February)

A lot of stuff happens in the world of games every week - some of which you might have missed. Here's a quick round-up of what we considered to be the most talked about news stories of the past five days....

'Milo shits out the back of the telly'

Charlie Brooker, sardonic UK comedic writer and star of much-praised Newswipe and Gameswipe TV shows hasapparently offended Peter Molyneuxwith some typically cutting remarks about his Milo project. Brooker commented that playing Milo (Molyneux's famous Natal tech demo) could make an adult gamer 'look and feel like a paedophile'.

When asked about the comment Molyneux (maybe in a sad voice) said it, "says more about Charlie Brooker than it does about Milo".

How did Brooker respond? In typical Brooker fashion via his Twitter feed continuing to goad Molyneux by proclaiming, among other things that Milo 'probably cries real wet tears out of the screen. And shits out the back of the telly.'

Where all the foxy females at? They're playing World of Warcraft

We were wondering where they'd all got to. Oddly, World of Warcraft wasn't the first place we were going to start looking. But, according toTimes Online, that's exactly where those illusive 'fiesty, foxy females' can be found nowadays.

No longer a stinking man hovel populated by stereotypical losers, online gaming (and WoW in particular) is the new favourite hangout for females. Even more of a revelation is that they're not all driven to games by lonely desperation and the need to find a man that will impregnate them with babies. Get this: some of them actually *enjoy* playing the game. Crazy, but true. There are statistics and numbers and quotes from some actual women to back it all up.


An updated look at Super Mario Galaxy 2 as part of the important-sounding Nintendo Summit provided us with the freshest trailer of the week. GR's Nintendo enthusiast Brett Elston was there, played it and tells you what he thinks of it in 'Super Mario Galaxy 2 - the Super Mario game you've been waiting for'. Listen to what he says - he knows more about Mario than Wikipedia.

Microsoft need to adopt Blu-ray in order to serve the needs of Xbox 360 developers and their neverending thirst for disc space, according toCVG editor Tim Ingham. He cites a recent quote from Capcom's Jun Takeuchi that Xbox 360 Lost Planet 2 has suffered due to a deficency in gigabytes on regular DVDs and suggests the problem will only get worse.

This comes in a week when Sony has revealed that God of War 3 wouldn't fit on any other disc format than a Blu-ray and news earlier in the month that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIIIcomes on three discs. Furthermore, if you transfer it to your hard drive to avoid disc swapping you're looking at an 18.3 Gb install. Which is more than downloading an entire season of Dexter. Probably.

Thank *GOD* someone has made a homebrew Ghostbuster's Wii proton pack peripheral, because we simply didn't have the time on our hands.

This moulded plastic folly is a thing of striking beauty that involved 'months' of beta testingaccording to its creator Jack Rossi. Which is a lot of time when all it actually does is tell you how much power the pack has left and which player is selected. Nevertheless, it's still awesome.

You may remember Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg from last week'smost talked about stories, when he was boasting that 360 had more exclusives than any other platform. This week, in avideo interview with Destructoid, some more unsurprisingly pro-Xbox words spilled from his speak hole.

He said this: "We believe we'll outsell the PS3 for the full year. We did in 2009."

To his credit, Greenberg did at least acknowledge that Sony and its console is, you know, pretty OK really: "We never underestimate the competition. We know they have a lot of great games. They're very formidable. They have great history in this industry." It takes a big man to badmouth his enemies. But a bigger man to respect them.

Then he said this: "But we believe if you are a gamer and you want great games... We have more titles, more exclusives, we have the leading online community, and being able to bring really completely innovative technology like Project Natal to market this holiday, are all things that make us unique."

Aaron Greenberg and Xboxrulez = BFF.


Darksiders is good. We gave it an 8. It's been out for a while and has sold well over a million copies. But Darksiders publisher THQ wants to sell more. Which is fair enough, seeing as it's in the business of selling games and all. So to generate a little post-release swell of interest, THQ this week released the game's entire first dungeon as an XBLA and PSN downloadable demo.

Above: Play this bit without spending money

Admittedly it's not our favourite dungeon in the game, but it's still a generous freebie that'll provide around 90 minutes of gaming. Which has to be pretty tempting for anyone who hasn't tried Darksiders out yet.

We never thought about it too deeply. We were happy to assume that it was Mario's head that was hitting the blocks. Turns out we were wrong...

26 Feb, 2010