8 weird, creepy, and downright hilarious out-of-context gaming images

Say what?!

Jokes in games are often deliberate and off-the-wall. Sometimes they're even funny. But some of gaming's most shockingly hilarious moments arise when all context is removed--you know, when you come across an image or GIF so out there you can't help but rupture the lining of your stomach from laughing so hard. Happens all the time.

Perfectly logical remarks or actions become goofy, disturbing, or downright absurd when viewed as a snapshot. Have you yet to enjoy your daily dose of WTF moments? Read on, and prepare for the unpredictably entertaining nature of these out-of-context gaming events and conversations. Feel free to laugh and cry at your leisure.

Ever 17: The Out of Infinity

The context: Losing is no fun, and its even worse when youre playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Charades. Thats right; the timeless games of acting and pure luck have joined forces, and if you lose, youve no choice but to impersonate whatever it is your opponent tells you to. That is, unless The Salmon is a new dance craze I havent heard about. Kids these days.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

The context: A teenaged misunderstanding can scar a person for life. Youd THINK that a half-flooded ocean liner setting would make the meaning of I might get wet obvious, but then again, sometimes the gutter is the only place for a mind to go. Lesson learned, June--phrasing is everything.

Persona 4

The context: Oh, you know, it's just a kid in a teddy bear suit vocally approving of his pal's ability to fight demons in the name of justice. Nothing out of the ordinary to see here.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The context: Stoic, ass-kicking demigod or not, sometimes you have to help the common man. And sometimes that may involve indulging in Nova Crystallis fast food equivalent, the fried niblet hairball. Lightning notes that the greasy snack is surprisingly delicious (disgusting), but shes smart enough not to fill up on the hair of the same monsters she regularly cuts down.

Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars

The context: Conception 2's, um, concept, is that it's a dungeon-crawling RPG where you and a team destroy demons. The key difference is that the team is made up of the children you breed by holding hands with different girls. One of those young ladies is the sister of your best friend who, after some deliberation, has given you his blessing to create star children with his sibling. How nice of him!

Corpse Party

The context: Some people, like Seiko, simply lack a filter. Of course, it's sort of hard to have a filter in the first place when asking a friend for some antibacterial cream to sooth your severely dried-out nether regions (hanging around the arid grounds of a haunted elementary school will do that). Still, Seiko probably shouldn't be quite so, er... descriptive with her thanks.

Rune Factory 4

The context: Freudian slip much, Vishnal? Rune Factory 4 is loaded with moments like this, and after awarding you a Cheap Hoe for use in preparing and maintaining your garden crop, Vishnal cant contain his excitement upon witnessing your soil-tilling mastery. Just imagine how thrilled he gets once you purchase a Sturdy Hoe upgrade.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

The context: Why the highest ranking knight in an army would describe bold poses of his lordship nude is a bit of a mystery--unless youre Frederick, the most loyal knight in the world. Ever-looking to please Chrom and his royal siblings, Frederick launches a recruiting campaign, complete with fully-exposed posters of Chrom sporting the phrase Chrom wants you. Thats enough work for one day, Frederick--youre dismissed.

Who needs context, anyway?

Well then. At the very least, I hope you feel compelled to further explore the games these gags have been sourced from. Then again, perhaps you prefer to leave them alone so they can live forever in your brain, strange and peculiar glory intact. Know of an outrageous example that I missed? By all means, leave a comment below.

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