6 new clips from A Million Ways To Die In The West: watch now

A Million Ways To Die In The West has released a batch of new clips online, showing off a smattering of gags from Seth MacFarlane’s latest comedy.

The new film stars MacFarlane as a cowardly farmer struggling to survive life in the perilous environs of the Old West.

Unfortunately for him, becoming involved with Charlize Theron’s gun-slinging badass has him squarely in the crosshairs of her outlaw husband, the villainous Liam Neeson.

Take a look at the new clips, below…

Some pretty funny stuff on show then, with Neil Patrick Harris doing a very nice line in scene-stealing. Oh no he didn’t…

Directed by MacFarlane and co-starring Giovanni Ribisi, Amanda Seyfried and Sarah Silverman, A Million Ways To Die In The West will open in the UK on 30 May 2014.