6 amazing things in the new God of War trailer

4) Hit a giant enemy Cyclops for massive damage

As much as we enjoy a good Cyclops de-eyeballing, and we do, we’ve always felt there was something missing from the fights with the visually impaired villains of the last two games: Size. Yep, while fighting the one-eyed fiends was always challenging, the sheer number of them and their rather diminutive stature – have you seen the size of the one in Hercules? – undermined the Cyclops encounters.

Our embarrassing Disney references aside, though, 14 seconds through the trailer and it looks like Kratos’ first PS3 adventure is set to redefine the beast with a boss battle that will rival the scraps with the Kraken or the Hydra from past titles. Screen-filling, daunting and looking seriously pissed off, this will no doubt be a fight which encapsulates the thrilling scale and uncompromising, theatrical violence that has so defined the series.

5) Chaining together QTEs

Again, this is purely speculation on our part, but at 00:00:16, you can see Kratos leap off the shoulder of a Cyclops before launching himself into a crowd of Harpies. Could this mean multi-layered QTEs that let you build up different tiers of moves, Manhunt-style, letting you take on multiple baddies at once? Or perhaps it's context sensitive, and merely happens if enemies are within close proximity of each other. Of course, it could simply be a cut-scene. But we’re glass half full kind of folk, so prefer to think it might be a new, exciting, game-elevating mechanic.

6) It’s gorgeous

It looks just like a fine work of ancient Greek art. Only with more decapitations. The detail is incredible. Whether it’s seeing the individual weathered scratches in the metal of Kratos' gauntlets, the stitches in our anti-hero’s stomach from where Zeus skewered him like a Sea Bass or squirming at the sight of a Cyclops’ eyelid gushing with blood; GOW in HD is going to be a truly sickening, but undeniably impressive, spectacle.

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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